How I start writing my blog

Console.Write("Hello World! Hello Blogging!");

This is a self note to encourage my self to writing a blog, at this very moment I don’t know what I will be writing but, I know it must be either about tech or development frameworks or languages, a kind of a way to force my self to learn something new and share it with the community.

As long as I go through courses and tutorials in blog posts or videos, I constantly tell my self that I should do the same; focus on a subject and write about it in my own blog, just be-cause I am interested in that topic or framework or project but I never did the jump. Until I came across a post of a developer that encourage other developers to write a blog the long way they are learning or working, write a kind of a self note at first so you can came by later and checkout how to do it if you ever forget it just like a reminder. I was so exited at first to follow his lead and do like he suggested but I got my self lost in choosing between platforms and web sites I even choose to create my own website and then got lost again in what framework should I choose to handle security, authentication blog posts and all those days ends up always with the same ending dropping the idea of blogging and just do my work and stick with normal classic learning. until today I come across a video about public speaking and presentations, which is something I wanted to do beside coding, at the very end Scott Hanselman talks and posted a link to a pluralsight tutorial on that and guess what the first thing that I came across again is starting a blog, so literally I PAUSED the video started writing this poste and by that started blogging.

I hope to continue on a real topic and help out the community in my next posts. Sorry for my writing, English is not my first language (I know it is not an excuse but …) I’ll will try to improve it as long as I am writing posts 😉